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The team of Tirana’s politics is thrusting ahead the justice’s doors, on the verge of clashing with the USA.

Rama-Berisha-Meta’s political gangs are thrusting ahead the new justice’s bodies; the heads of crime and corruption terrified at SPAK (Special Structure against Corruption and Organized Crime), US-EU strong maneuvers are expected


The heads of crime and corruption of the Albanian political mafia are terrified at the establishment of new justice. Finally, Edi Rama has taken off the pro-reform mask by joining the front of SaliBerisha, Ilir Meta, LulzimBasha and Monika Kryemadhi, who are in a life-and-death struggle to escape SPAK. But whilethese four people in question threatensuicide, by blowing themselves up, by destabilizing and resistance, Edi Rama hasalready mobilized a team of candidates, putting them in the play to become part of the new justice organs. Rama is hoping to make his “soldiers”part of the new justice bodies, in order to escape imprisonment tomorrow, in order for his ministers and directors to escape imprisonment for thousands of corrupt affairs. If this maneuveris successful, it will blow up the new justice and the West’s efforts to put an end to the Albanian transition. After this act from Edi Rama, the maneuver of Americans remains to be seen, who, having the support of 90% of Albanians, have undertaken to bring about reform in justice. Certainly, the political mafia and the West are on the verge of a big clash.

The team of the politics

Genc Gjonçaj, Candidate for High Inspector of Justice, lawyer of the Socialist Party inKQZ (Central Election Commission), head of the election commission of the Socialist Party, secretary to the Assembly, former secretary at the Ministry of Interior.

Rovena Gashi, Candidate for the Constitutional Court, AdriatikLlalla’s right hand when he was chief prosecutor. Dismissed by Vetting’s first commission, but she intends to be confirmed by the College and reach the top of justice. There was a lot of debate about her, when the former chief prosecutor,AdriatikLlalla, nominated her as the only candidate by the Prosecution to be a member of the Council of Appointments in Justice.

Plarent Ndreca, Candidate for Chief Prosecutor, LinditaNikolla’s right hand in the Ministry of Education, graduated at Henri Cili’s university.

Donika Prela, Candidate for prosecutor at the Special Prosecution Office, who was entrusted to “freeze” the files for corrupt ministers and mayors who were tied to the crime.

Marsida Xhaferllari, Candidate for the High Inspector of Justice, who was entrusted by BujarNishani, Berisha and Meta to keep the judges under control as Chief Inspector at the High Council of Justice. She is regarded as Berisha’s and Meta’s game.

Lefteri Lleshi, Candidate for High Inspector of Justice, formerly a member of the famous High Council of Justice, later entrusted by the Democratic Party to be at the head of the Central Election Commission, then entrustedbyJozefinaTopalli and who finally came close to Meta’s Socialist Movement for Integration.

Artur  Metani, Candidate for the High Inspector of Justice, appointed by Edi Rama at the head of State Attorney’s Office. According to the Supreme State Audit, they have played havoc with taxpayers’ money.

Elira Kokona, Candidate for High Inspector of Justice, secretary general of several ministers of Edi Rama and Ilir Meta since 2013.


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