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Rama publishes the ministers’ grades. Majko received a 10, Etilda  Gjonaj a 3, Klosi a 3, and Rama himself received a 6

The report on how Albanians assessed the ministers is made public; the dismissed Bushati received a 10, Gjiknuri and Ahmetaj received a 6, Xhafaj and Nikolla received a 6.

For the first time, Prime Minister Rama published the grades that the citizens have given to him and his ministers. The grades were made public in a report on the platform “Albania we want”. Part of this platform there is also a rubric called “My grade”. For two years, Rama stopped publishing the grades the citizens had given to the ministers. After two years, Rama allowed them to be published. The assessment includes only 2018, that is to say, not the newly appointed ministers of 2018. The Minister of State for Diaspora, Pandeli Majko is given a 10. The opposition wants Majko to become a Prime Minister, to solve the crisis. The former Minister of Foreign Affairs is also given a 10, who was dismissed by Rama.

The Minister of Justice, Etilda Gjonaj, is given the lowest grade. The latter is given a 2.6. Gjonaj is followed by the Minister of Tourism and Environment, Blendi Klosi, who received a 3.3. The two dismissed ministers, Arben Ahmetaj and Damian Gjiknuri, received respectively a 6.3 and a 5.6. The former Minister of Interior Fatmir Xhafaj, whom Rama replaced with Sandër Lleshaj, received a 6.1. Even the former Minister of Education, LinditaNikolla, received an average grade of 6.4. The former Minister of Agriculture, Niko Peleshi, received a 6.

Prime Minister Edi Rama himself is given an average grade of 6.5. To calculate this grade, all the grades that citizens have given to the work of the Prime Minister during 2018 have been totaled, and then the amount is divided by the number of grades, thus getting the average grade. It is noted that after Pandali Majko and Ditmir Bushati who were given 10s, the Minister of Defense Olta Xhaçka is the third highest ranked minister who received a grade of 9.7. For the ministry headed by Etilda Gjonaj, who had the lowest grade, there are also the largest numbers of complaints from citizens about different injustices. A total of 9332 complaints were filed to the Ministry of Justice and its bodies./Pamfleti

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