Rama is eliminated after extra time… like Juventus and a friendly comeback with Mero Baze.

Edi Rama is modeling himself after the former Berisha in most things and is going down with the same loneliness fever that MeroBaze is supposed to know very well.

Both sought to be the kings in the respective parties, infatuated with absolute power, eliminated any real, potential, and invented opponents.

In other words, they sterilized every party’s corner from free thinking, opposing voice, and built an exemplary dictatorship within the organization.

Both removed the intellectual and replaced it with mediocre. 

Here Edi Rama stands out, the one who surpassed the master by involving bastards. But both by using the “strong guys” ruined any attempt for natural reaction within the party which is controlled in every cell.

All-powerful in the powerlessness of a people without a democratic culture and with an indomitable will, they equaled the party, its symbols, conventions, rhetoric, and the gesture of the individuals with themselves.

Today, the Socialist Party is certainly like the Democratic Party of 1997, where everyone in the party has stamped on the chest and in the face the indisputable name of its Leader. 

The leader is everything, outside him there is only an abyss.

Edi Rama is the one who decides who will be in the General Assembly, Edi Rama is the one who decides who will be in the Congress of the Socialist Party, Edi Rama appoints the mayors and assemblies in the districts, Edi Rama is the one who decides on the list of deputies, Edi Rama is the one who decides when and how a reactionary will be excluded and another will be accepted.

Edi Rama is the one who writes the statute of the Socialist Party; Edi Rama is the one who writes the pathetic speeches of the Socialists who will speak in fake meetings of his private party.

Edi Rama has rewritten and repainted the Socialist Party’s symbols with his mania for depressed colors any time he wanted.

Edi Rama has appointed all ministers, deputy ministers, the directors and other persons in lower hierarchies. He is the one who decides on their evaluation or dismissal…

… and up to here there is no reason why he should call MeroBaze an idiot, when he accuses him of trying to delegitimize the opponent as the leader of the Socialist Party, to determine who is the leader of the Socialist Party and who is its Prime Minister.

Luli may be an idiot, but in this case he is right, since Edi Rama himself has done so before, who by delegitimizing the institution of the Socialist Party leader since the very beginning declared himself an indisputable despot, who doesn’t have to be even chosen now, because Edi Rama is the Socialist Party and the Socialist Party is Edi Rama. Any useless formalism like elections, voting etc. is just a waste of time.

Of course there is no question on whether Edi Rama, when decided to take all this power for himself, made good calculations, and would bear all the responsibility, because these are simple calculations.

In democratic regimes, mayors are changed through voting, while despots, dictators, kings are dethroned through revolution. The history does not know any middle way to date.

This is obviously clear to internationals, no matter how coherent it will be in their calendar and program related to the Western Balkans.

It remains to be seen. Meanwhile the game continues to be played and Mero continues to cheer for the one he has already started; we have bet that Edi Rama will be eliminated after extra time just like his dear team until yesterday, Juventus (He still doesn’t know who he can cheer for, in its last failure, Edi Rama punished Juventusby abandoning itand to obliterate his traces he is now cheering for Liverpool. Of course he will wait to see who will win the champions league so that he can be its devoted fan for one year)/Pamfleti

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