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OSCE files for two murders and Ilir Meta’s trafficking. The reason why Monika is enraged against the international mission.

Meta and Monika mobilize their “soldiers” against the OSCE mission in Albania, the organization drafted a report on human crimes, trafficking and corruption of the Socialist Movement for Integration, the file is expected to be opened by the Bureau of Investigation.

Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi have mobilized their “soldiers” who are under investigation by the prosecution for corruption, against the OSCE mission in Albania. The enragement of the most corrupt couple in the Balkans came after a strong OSCE reaction, calling on the police to “destroy all the kamikazes of the Socialist Movement for Integration and the Democratic Party who are attacking the police and the institutions. But Meta and Monika’s hatred towards the OSCE has its roots in a file drafted by the OSCE on Ilir Meta’s human crimes and trafficking. Part of this file was made public in the media a few years ago. At that time, Meta was in power with Edi Rama. After the file was made public, Meta cast the head of the OSCE out of Albania.
The OSCE’s published file says: “Meta, Ilir (LSI): Chairman of the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI), former Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. Profits in construction, tourism, building materials and energy. Suspected of strong ties with mafia actors, mainly from the South of Albania. There are rumors he has ordered at least two murders as Deputy Prime Minister. HalitShahini, partner and messenger of Meta, is suspected of having strong ties with criminal groups in Shijak, mainly involved in international drug trafficking. ”
This file is expected to be the subject of the National Bureau of Investigation. Under these circumstances, Monika and Ilir have launched an organized attack on the OSCE mission in Tirana. Monika accused OSCE people of defending criminals. Later, Monika also took YlliManjani, who requested the boycott of the OSCE mission.

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