June 5, 2020

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Lulzim  Basha, “patricide” the only way to power

Lulzim  Basha, "patricide" the only way to power

Lulzim  Basha, "patricide" the only way to power

Even the protest of March 16, proved that the alliance with the evil is a lost faith, since both the Democratic Party and Lulzim Basha have an allied party at their side and at the top, which is a “burnt card” to the national and international consideration, not as a program, but as a“hyena”taking power between the strong PD(Democratic Party)-PS(Socialist Party), where,as it is already known, has played havocon corruption and appointments of traffickers and thieves, currently with 4 ministers, 6 deputy ministers, 24 directors, 10 diplomats and 273 officials, in chains and under investigation.

Whether a part of the Albanian society and most of “Rilindja” leaders like it or not, Lulzim Basha is a fundamental political factor, in the position-opposition rapports and, despite the taste of the head of the government, he has to sit down with him, as the chairman of a party, with no lukewarm electoral support.

Basha wants power but he is not being able to dethrone a morally and legally “decomposed” prime minister, from the ties with crime, from the corruption and total failure in governing, who, even though has already “put on the shoes” to leave, pretends to be strong, dances “tallava” music with the women of public administration and sings along with the children in the villages while the opposition protests and fights with the police.

The cause is not Rama’s power, because he is already a “ridiculous prime minister” but is actually the burned moral card of the united opposition, whose leaders are still Sali Berisha, Monika Kryemadhi, Ilir Metaj, Fatmir Mediu and others of the dark past, who Rama is using successfully as ” scarecrows” in every meeting and statement he makes and quite rightfully, even though he is just like them, their protector and not their punitive.

To the best of our knowledge, one of the points of the international mediation agreement Rama-Basha on May 17, 2017, when the PS was still in coalition with Socialist Movement for Integration, had the goal of removingMetaj-Kryemadhi from the left front and removingBerisha from ” bunker “of the right front.

This scheme, which began with the PS-PD co-governance, culminated with the isolation of Ilir Meta in the Presidency, continued during the campaign, when Rama-Basha attacked cruelly and simultaneously the Socialist Movement for Integration and its leaders, with the same “language” the lonely presidential couple used to attack them back.

Lulzim Basha did not obey this hermetic agreement, broken by SaliBerisha’s tutorial dictate, as the donor of any “ready-made” power in the government and party, opening the door to the Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI) as a party in opposition coalition, while Rama removed it from power, and the internationals stigmatized it as a party which won its votes with promised job positions, flour, money, licenses, concessions and ministers and directors who were thieves.

We do not know if Basha realized this or not, but the PD-LSI reunion created strong reactions to Albanians and even hatred within the Democratic Party, as this “re-marriage” of blue ideology to the red ideology was not considered a union of programs for Albanians, but rather as a private union Berisha-Metaj, to regain the Rama’s power.

It is well known that the Democratic Party has supporters, and this is shown during the participation in the protests, but this massiveness is a futile contribution, because SaliBerisha is still by their side, this former politician who no longer inspires, whose figure, the prime minister, a “monster” of corruption and an “Icon” of ties to the crime, is using it as a psychic “scarecrow” to Albanians.

If internationals see Basha as a future government, even in 2021, or later, LulzimBasha himself must realize that there is the Albanian vote on their will which hampers it, and the power is not like the couch of PD, with Sali as the commander, withJemin as the chairman of commission, with Fahri’s son as vote counter and with Nishani as certifier.

So, before singing the “National Anthem” under shrub branches of SHQUP, Lulzim Basha should be come to his senses and stop making his opposition with the ” scarecrows” like Berisha, Metaj, Kryemadhi, Mediu etc. at his side and at the top, since it not only is a waste of time with lost protests, but it is also a “serum” of the populist demagogy for the ridiculous Rama, which actually makes his rotten rule last longer./Pamfleti