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Exclusive Edi Rama annuls the law for closing portals after the ultimatum from Brussels The law that scandalized internationals aimed at closing portals that refuse to be bribed with the money of government’s corruption, the news had to be written according to Endri Fuga’s rules.

Edi Rama has annulled and stifled the mafia initiative on fining and closing the portals that refuse to be bribed by the government with corruption money and which are determined to protect the interests of Albanians by opposing the entire political class of Tirana indiscriminately as the biggest national evil since the Turkish invasion. The repeal came after the announcements and ultimatums of the international factor, which raised the alarm that the mafia draft law, undermined the freedom of media in Albania as one of the pillars of democracy. The pressure has been public, but even underground. After this strong reaction, Rama has ordered the elimination of the draft-law.

The draft law was proposed by the Audiovisual Media Authority (AMA), but i the articles are allegedly written by Endri Fuga and Edi Rama himself, to close portals that are not controlled by the government. In the draft law, AMA, Rama and Fuga had set 11 rules of how news should be written. Any portal that did not make its news according to the instructions of Endri Fuga would be fined up to ALL 10 million. The portal that made five mistakes would be shut down. To punish portals denouncing the terrible government affairs, a Council of Complaints was envisaged, with members to be assigned by Rama and Fuga.

The internationals were scandalized by this draft law. The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Harlem Desir, said: “States should not force compulsory online media registration as a prerequisite for their work, which could have a very negative effect on media freedom. This practice, when implemented, can significantly limit public access to diverse sources of information and plurality of voices, as well as erode the right to freedom of expression and online information”. Later, Rama said he had a productive discussion with Harlem Desir. “Productive discussion with Harlem Desir on efforts for legal order in online media. Soon the anti-slander and the anti-fake-news package will be open in public discussion. Ready to hear the suggestions of anyone who wants a free-defamation media. OSCE is a valuable partner in this emancipatory battle.” But after this statement, it is unknown what other ultimatum Rama received; instead, he has annulled the draft law.

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