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A message from US to Albanians: Edi Rama’s government is corrupt at all levels and is seized by the heads of drug.

Washington “tears down” Rama’s government: proclaims it the most corrupt government in Europe and turns down the mafia propaganda, according to the US Department of State, the government is no longer dealing with hashish, but only with strong drugs. Will Rama proclaim the US Department of State a “cauldron”?

The United States of America has come to the conclusion that Edi Rama’s government is corrupt at all levels, giving thus a clear message to the Albanians that they are not being governed, but are being robbed by a gang of mafia and corrupt traits to the core. In its next report on Albania, the United States Department of State has confirmed what “Pamfleti” has been denouncing for months: that Edi Rama leads the most corrupt government ever in Albania. From approximately € 250 million stolen per year, Edi Rama’s government has brought this figure of theft to €1.7 billion per year. Second, the report says that the heads of traffickers, who have seized the corrupt government, are no longer dealing with hashish but with strong drugs.

The US Department of State says the invasion of the government by corruption is making things easy for the heads of drug trafficking. Their report says that corruption at all levels of government limits the overall effectiveness of the fight against narcotics. Official corruption, it says, is widespread and promotes an environment in which drug traffickers act without being punished. The report says the high rate of unemployment and the weak rule of law have created an ideal environment for organized crime groups that cause a problem in the drug control in Albania. It remains to be seen whether Edi Rama proclaim the United States Department of State a “cauldron”.

According to the US Department of State report, Albania’s role as a source or market for illegal drugs beyond cannabis is small, but there has been an increase in cocaine seizures going across Albania to Europe, in addition to the discovery of heroin and cocaine processing laboratories in northern and central Albania. “Albanian criminal groups traffic cocaine and heroin to European markets from source countries in South America and Asia.” According to government’s propaganda, the history of hashish is over. But this propaganda is trying to hide the drug activity at another level. They are only dealing with strong drugs, where the profit is too high. Part of the money goes to the corrupt branches of the government./Pamfleti

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