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The Socialist Party’s “Vali” and his “showgirls”

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The Socialist Party’s “Vali” and his “showgirls”

The Socialist Party’s “Vali” and his “showgirls”

Even the sultans until 100 years ago did not indulge themselves with their harem with forbidden money, whereasSurreli’s “Sultan”, during his 11 years in the municipality and his 6 years in the government, has established a personal “harem” which heregularly “renovates” with “young chicks”, with pierced ears, noses, lips, belly buttons and tongues, who are treated and paid with public taxes, to pamper his vices, to satisfy his lusts and to sign for the thefts the prime minister commits when taking public taxes and national assets.



The “Vali” of the government and Socialist Party, Edi Rama, has created a “POWER-PUB” with the “showgirl” ministers, advisors, directors and bloggers.

Surely in Europe and the Region, but in the world as well, Albania may be the only country where the prime minister establishes a government cabinet with “featherbrained kids” without any experience, without any political sense, without any responsibility, but with the only “indication”, chosen according to Edi Rama’s taste.

After the Minister of Health, Energy-Infrastructure, Economy-Finance, Education, Culture andhundreds of central and regional directors, Prime Minister Rama started to fill the ministries and state institutions with “young chicks”, establishing thus various “harems”, not for the sake of gender equality, but just for the sake of his cravings and personal tastes. 

None of the “chick-ministers” and directors is professionally relevant for the positions and the prime minister cannot even publish their CVs, although it is a legal obligation to do such and consequently no official information is provided regarding who these government leaders are, while we know, hear and see why they have been appointed to those positions.

We are not saying there should be no “young chicks” in the central institutions of the government, on the contrary, a new generation echelons of leaders must be established, but they should take part as observers and gradually involved, not directly on the top of the state, as deputies, ministers, deputy ministers, directors, advisors, ambassadors, mayors etc.

Because the state works do not require women to expose their “bums”, but it takes guts to organize and accomplishthese works, since being on the top of the government does not mean striptease in a PUB, but being a distributor of ideas and experience where national socio-economic policies are developed, which do not require women to be beautiful and have seductive body shapes but instead, leadership, productivity, professionalism decision-making qualities.

However, the prime minister whom Albania has “to put up with”, through the votes and the silence of all Albanians, has created a “Vali” power- like rule in his party and government, and does not pick real values for governance, but instead picks and replaces “showgirls” for fun, by appointing and rotatingthem in the “harem” of power with full disregard to anyone.

Do not be surprised, but even the Deputy Prime Minister Erjon Brace, who appeared as a signatory of the decision on the government’s official websitelearned the news of the appointment of the news correspondent, as Deputy Minister of Education, from the media and then saw it published on the official website of the Council of Ministers. 

Edi Rama is behaving just like the “Vali” of the party and the government, by making appointments and dismissals of ministers, without consulting and without informing the Socialist Party’s structures. He proclaims lists of mayors and deputies, appoints ambassadors, deputy ministers and directors without informing and taking into consideration the opinion of line ministers. 

He even makes government decisions without meeting with the Council of Ministers and without informing the ministers, as it happened with the appointment of the Deputy Minister, the “bikini girl”, by publishing it as a Decision of the Council of Ministers.

Because on February 13, 2019 there was no meeting of the Council of Ministers, since the Prime Minister was in Lezha and Mirdita along with 2 other ministers, the Deputy Prime Minister was in Fier observing the implementation of the discipline at work, 2 ministers are in the USA, 1 Deputy Minister (Cakaj) is in Brussels, 1 Minister (Shahini) is in Kosovo and 2 ministers, were in the quarries and HPPs of Korça-Erseka. When, where was this government meeting held and who were the participants?!/Pamfleti

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