The fight between Rama and Meta, for drugs and oil. Here is how the brother of “Taiwan’s Beso” and Klemend Balili got arrested.

The Prime Minister and the President have been fighting continuously with one another on the businesses worth millions of Euros through “Taiwan’sBeso”, RezarTaçi and Balili. Here is how Rama’s partner’s brother got arrested for drug trafficking and how the revenge between the two most powerful people in Albaniabroke out, to take control of the cocaine and the “black gold”

The fight between Prime Minister Edi Rama and President Ilir Meta does not have to do with clash of ideas, alternatives, or efforts to serve through politics. No!

The genesis of the strong clash between the heads of the highest institutions of the state comes from and continues only for strong personal interests.

The basis of this long conflict with each other, which was still present even during the co-governance, has been the dominance of drug trafficking and the fight for oil.

At the heart of this conflict there were real names; for the drug it was brother of Taiwan’s Beso, Ajet (Alket) Sulaj who was 4.8 years in prison and who worked for Edi Rama and Klemend Balili,self-surrendered to the police, who worked for Ilir Meta.

Meanwhile, for the oil it was “Taiwan’s Beso” himself (Besnik Sulaj) who works for Prime Minister Rama and Rezar Taçi on behalf of President Meta.

So the “entrenchments” of drug traffickers and profitability through oil dominance have been divided between Rama and Meta, the two most powerful people in Albania.

But at the very beginning, oil and drug trafficking are inextricably tied to each other, so strongly that an “alloy” is created in a way that no one knows where one begins and where the other ends.

Thus, the administrator of “TPD” Company, Pajtim Braçaj, who managed Albpetrol’s oil, was also the drug trafficking’s sponsor, arrested three years ago in the laboratory of drugs in Durrës and sentenced to 4 years and 8 months in prison.

Although he owned 100 percent of the shares of the oil company, he was considered to be just a “cover” of the activity behind which there is “Taiwan’s Beso”.

Along with Braçaj, considered as the funder of this drug cartel, Ajet Sulaj, Besnik Sulaj’s brother, the owner of “Taiwan”, was also arrested, and the latter was also sentenced to 4.8 years in prison for drug trafficking.

Beso’s brother, Ajet Sulaj turns out to have been convicted even before for drugs in Greece and extradited to Albania. His release from prison is enigmatic and some sources say that he paid a lot of money to the minister.

Meanwhile,Pajtim Braçaj was a co-manager of “Taiwan Center” casino and restaurant owned by Besnik Sulaj.

Rama and Beso are known for their early friendship and their connections are documented in the building permits that Rama gave to Beso.

Beso was one of Rama’s favorites for building the underground parking in the garden in front of “Dajti” Hotel, and, during the time Rama was a mayor, he gave Beso thousands of square meters of green areas of public property by the side of “Taiwan’s Center”. But apparently at that time, Beso made a fatal mistake that he got close to Meta, causing thus anger to Rama and revenge on the owner of “Taiwan.”

The prime minister could not allow Meta take everything, drugs and oil. The president had long entered the “drug trafficking” market through Almir Rrapi and Klemend Balili, his former roads official and chief financier of the Socialist Movement for Integration, who only a few weeks ago self-surrendered to the police, and today the first session against him is opened.

Meta also possessed the oil market through Rezar Taçi, who thanks to the machinations and breaking of the law had benefited millions of euros. But in the end Meta benefited 85 million euros of the guarantee for the sale of “Alpetrol”, from this deceiving machination. And this this being aside from the state investment.

So the Meta-Rama conflict is basically a struggle to dominate the drug and oil trafficking./Pamfleti

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