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The Albanian-Russian-Serbian Offshore Mafia, implicated in “ABI Bank” and “Intesa San Paolo Bank”, with government-family boards and directors

These two offshore banks, which carry out money laundering activities in Albania, with “parent banks” and central activities in Russia, Egypt, Cyprus, Serbia, Panama, Turkey, Greece and Ukraine, are connected with the current government, since their co-owners and directors are the wives of the Prime Minister and former Minister of Finance who is currently the Chairman of the ParliamentaryCommittee on Economy and Finance, while the two banks’CEOs, along with the Prime Minister and the former Minister, are chairmen of the Albanian Investment Development Agency(AIDA)Board.

While the United States has raised the alarm for vigilance and reaction to the diversion of influence and risk, of Russian political-economic control in the Balkans, and especially in Albania, the Russian banking mafia operates in the middle of Tirana, in a partnership of public funds, with “Rama” government, from which it is supported by laws, DCMs, licenses, promotions, public financial services and decision-making participation, in leading state institutions.

With Rama’s signature and stamp, with state-owned transactions spaces, created by Minister Ahmetaj and with license from the Governor of the Bank of Albania, Gent Sjeko, two “residences” of the Russian- Serbian-Greek-Cypriot are carrying out collaborative financial activities.

One of them named “ABI Bank”, having a partnership and leading business with the prime ministerial family, and the other named “Intesa San Paolo Bank”, having at a leading position the wife of the former Minister of Finance, Arben Ahmetaj, now Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Economy and Finance, and having as heads of sectors, the prime minister’s wife’s partners at 3 NGOs.

While “PAMFLETI” newsroom and other media are denouncing facts about the mafia financial activity, about the offshore”ABI Bank” and “Intesa San Paolo Bank”, the investigative and law enforcement agencies in Albania are keeping mum.

Under the pressure but also the seduction of the prime minister and his oligarch-criminal gang, these law enforcement services do not act, though they all know and have evidences, about the activity of money laundering, real estate collection, fictitious loans and many other activities up to the “pyramid schemes” interventions to the Albanian state stock exchange, newly opened and commanded by the prime minister’s wife and these two Russian-Serbian banks.

These banks have state and family connections with the government, with strong cooperation and interest ties, because ABI Bank’s CEO,AndiBallta, is a co-owner and board member of this bank, together with the Prime Minister’s wife, Linda Rama, but he is also a member, on the government board of AIDA public investment fund, where Prime Minister Rama is the chairman.

The CEO of “Intesa San Paolo Bank”, Silvio Pedrazzi, has as a deputy director, AlbinaMançka, the wife of the Minister of Finance, ArbenAhmetaj, but together with the CEO of “ABI Bank” , he is a member of the governing board of public funds AIDA, where ArbenAhmetaj is deputy chairman and the prime minister is chairman.

According to the file that has been sent to our newsroom, it turns out that ABI Bank’s CEO manages the relations with Prime Minister Rama, with the head of the Parliamentary Committee on Economy and FinanceArbenAhmetaj, with the media to shut their mouths and with investigative-law enforcement agencies to keep mum.

While the CEO of “Intesa San Paolo Bank”, Silvio Pedrazzi continues to carry out the mission he carried out when he ran the bank in Russia, Serbia, Greece, Egypt and Ukraine, keeping the banking system in Albania under control, by the State Bank, in the second level banks and financial funds, for which he is, chairman of the Governing Board of the Albanian Associations of Banks.

We are bringing back to your mindthe fact that on AIDA’s governing board, where the chairman is Prime Minister Rama and deputy chairman the former Minister Ahmetaj, other members are the CEOs Ballta and Pedrazzi, the Councilor of the Municipality, Luan Bregasi, the Chairman of ” Business Albania”and Ines Muçostepa, official at the Prime Minister’s Office and Chairman of the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, who justify the papers for public projects and funds.

No wonder that besides being the chairman of the Albanian Associations of Banks, the CEO of “Intesa San Paolo Bank”, Silvio Pedrazzi and the CEO of “ABI Bank”, Andi Ballta, are also confidential advisors to the Governor of the Bank of Albania, Gent Sejko, while Silvio Pedrazzi is also the Chairman of the Foreign Investors Association of Albania.

The file that came to our newsroom proves that these two banks are the “laundering machines” of a “wash house” for money laundering and interstate corruption in Albania, with the prime minister’s family “Rama” and the domes of the Bank of Albania in its heart, which Prime Minister “shielded” with the Governing Board, part of his network.

US-EU specialized services have proofs and information that these two banks in Albania are “dispatchers” of dark financial activities, based on “dirty money laundering” that are “produced”, brought in, circulated within a closed and open cycle , moving freely all over Albania, disguised after 37 offshore ghost businesses and 10 oligarchs, who receive public funds.

NOTE: The information we have, proves that the “remote control” of this Russian-Serbian financial activity in Tirana, which has taken the Albanian government “by the horns” and is using it as a “bulletproof mask”, is “Intesa San Paolo Bank” along with its staff members who are partners and friends of Linda Rama, AlbinaMecka, LediaPlaku (Bylyku), EntelaZigori etc., as the creator of” ABI Bank “, for whom we will publish shocking facts.

Here are some of the job titles and countries where the boss of “Intesa San Paolo”, Silvo Pedrazzi, served

  1. In 2006, he was appointed first Deputy Chairman of the “Intesa San Paolo Belgrade” Governing Board in Serbia.
  2. In 2008, he was elected Chairman of the Supervisory Board of “Pravex-Bank-Ukraine”
  3. Board Member and CEO of “Intesa San Paolo Bank” -Albania, appointed on October 1, 2013, only 22 days after Edi Rama became a prime minister.
  4. Chairman of the Albanian Associations of Banks, partner of the Bank of Albania
  5. Chairman of the Foreign Investors Association of Albania, partner of the Albanian Government
  6. Director of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) & South Mediterranean Area, coordinator of banking affiliates in Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt.

*In the main picture: SilvoPedrazzi, the CEO of “Intesa San Paolo Bank”

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