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“Sweating bullets” – Meta and Pacolli, the Philo-Russians in the US concerning the aggressive role of Russia in the region.

 What happened in America today is either a cataclysm, or penance, or the end of the world is near.

Today was a strange day as far as the attitude of the Albanian politicians on both sides of the border is concerned, in the temple of the world’s democracy, the United States of America.

All those who saw and heard the harsh statements of Ilir Meta, the Albanian President, against the aggressive role of Russiain Washington, have been startledbyhis strong attempt to extendhis influence in the countries of Southeast Europe.

The supreme irony was the fact that an ultra Philo-Russian like Ilir Meta, who received tons of money from Russian black circles and its secret service KGB to lobby in the US in order for the pro-Russians to come into power, talks about Russia’s aggressive role in the region.

And Meta, whose head of the cabinet at his presidencyis the functioning Russian spy, ArbenCici, and who has an FBI investigation into using Russian black funds, speakingin the middle of the US, is either cataclysm, or penance, or the end of the world is near.

It’s like going to a mortal ceremony and seeing the killer weeping and lamenting for the deceased in front of the family members, more than them.

Ilir Meta was just the same.

Moreover, the Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister BehgjetPacolli joined this “courtesy”. The chronicle becomes even darker, as the latter is known for its close friendly ties in Russia. After all, he made money with the Russian president.

The former Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Damian Gjiknuri was also there. It was precisely Gjiknuri that declared “DH Albania” as the winning company, behind which BashkimUlaj was hiding, through a tender with forged documents, including the US apostille stamp and the signature of the Secretary of State. Just for a 30 million euros profit.

The State Minister for Diaspora was also there, at the invitation of the United States Senate. There was also the former Defense Minister FatmirMediu, the man who blasted away Gërdec by killing 26 innocent people and injuring over 300 others. Only Pandeli Majko was irrelevant.

So Meta, Pacolli, Mediu and Gjiknuri were in the United States sweating bullets just to show that they allegedly went there to “atone for their mistakes” in front of our great partner, waiting for them to open their hearts and forgive them for thebad things they have done against the USA as well./Pamfleti

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