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Serbian Army took 9 Albanian fighter jets: the Tragic Treason of Albanian Political Mafia Revealed

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Shortly before Gërdec explosions, SaliBerisha removed most of the Albanian fighter jets. Here are the orders for the disappearance of the famous MIGs.



Nine Albanian fighter jets have fallen into the hands of the Serbian army. This is another anti-national activity of the Albanian political mafia, which has been stealing, destroying, and ruling Albania for 3 decades. Nine fighter jets, Mig 14, 15, 17, 19 and 21, fell into the hands of Serbs shortly beforeGërdec explosions. The jets were sold at ridiculous prices, through Serbian middlemen, with the approval of SaliBerisha and under the auspices of former Minister of Defense FatmirMediu and former Minister of Defense ArbenImami.

Referring to the archives of the Ministry of Defense, the removal of the famous MIGs was made on the basis of several orders. “Order No. 531, dated 25.10.2005, Minister of Defense, “MIG Aircraft Removal Plan”. Order of Chief of the Albanian General Staff, No. 561, dated 21.11.2005, on “Establishing a working group for the preparation of the necessary procedures for the implementation of the plan for the removal of MIG aircraft”. Air ForcesCommander Order No. 2883/2, dated 25.11.2005, “Pursuant to the plan for the removal of MIG aircraft”, as we see from the archive of Defense.

Later, Berisha government auctioned five more fighter jets. The sale was made under the pretense that the planes are no longer used by the Armed Forces and in the framework ofdestroying the communism remains.

“Type of auction procedure: Open procedure. Object of sale: Sale of aircraft divided into lots as follows: Jak-18 aircraft, no.1 1971 2.212.995 , Jak-18 aircraft, no. 2 1971 2.212.995, Jak-18 aircraft, no. 3 1971 2.212.995, Jak-18 aircraft no. 4 1971 2,212,995, Jak-18 aircraft no. 37 1971 2.212.995. Short description of the object of sale: The Ministry of Defense aimsat selling aircrafts for non-military use which are no longer used by the Armed Forces. Quantity of aircrafts: 5 (five) pieces. Initial value: ALL 11,064,975 (eleven million, sixty-four thousand, nine hundred seventy-five) without VAT. (According to the initial estimate by the Special Commission on this purpose). Auction Date: 05.12.2012, Time: 10.00, Place: Ministry of Defense. Deadline for submission of applications for participation, Date: 05.12.2012,Time: 10.00, Place: Ministry of Defense “.

The Ministry of Defense, during Berisha government, prepared the ground to sell to the internationally wanted Serbian middleman for arms trafficking, SlopodanTesic, two warships and three fighter jets. The auction procedure “Open Procedure” With the object“Sale of Marine Equipment for Civil Use” divided into lots with initial value ALL 5,474,500 (five million, four hundred seventy-four thousand, five hundred) without VAT will take place on 29.10.2012, at 12:00. The announcement of the auction for this sale procedure is published in the Bulletin of the Public Procurement Agency (PPA) No. 40, dated 08.10.2012. The date foreseen in this Notice was 28.10.2012, 12:00. The auction procedure “Open Procedure” with the object “Sale of Batteries” with initial value ALL 685,152 (six hundred eighty-five thousand, one hundred fifty-two) without VAT will take place on 29.10.2012 at 10:00. The auction announcement for this sale procedure is published in the PPA Bulletin.”


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