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Mediu and Imami removed over 200 Mig Military Aircrafts, Greek and Serbian circles implicated in the disarmament of Albania.



Former Defense Ministers Fatmir Mediu and Arben Imami implemented the plan to disarm the country by removing aircrafts, tanks and warships; some were purchased at ridiculous prices from the Greek and Serbian armies.



When Berisha came to power in 2005, the plan of Serbian and Greek agents for the disarmament of Albania was also implemented by removing warplanes, tanks and warships. This plan was implemented by former Ministers of Defense, Fatmir Mediu and Arben Imami. The two Berisha’s ministers removed over 200 Mig and Uti-Mig aircrafts from Kuçova, Rinas and Gjadër air bases. The warplanes were made in the ’70s, where some of themwere in better conditions, being provided with all technical services. Some of these aircrafts were bought by Serbian and Greek armies at ridiculous prices. Four ex-government aircrafts, 8 Jak-18 aircrafts and 2 Jak-2 aircraftswere turned into scrap. From 2005 to 2013, tanks and warships have also disappeared. The tanks have been turned into 30,000 tons of scrap, most of them as special steel. Two warships have been also sold by Arben Imami.


MIG warplanes disappeared from Albania


2 MIG-21

14 MIG-19

4 UTI-MIG-15

1 UTl-MIG-28

4 UTI-MIG-17


8 Mig-21

22 Mig-19


29 Mig-19

11 Mig-17

13 Mig-15

15 Uti-Mig 15

17 Uti-Mig 17

2 Mig-21

8 Mig-19

6 Mig-17

4 Mig-15

6 Uti-Mig 17

4 Uti-Mig 15

Into scrap


4 former government aircrafts

8 Jak-18

3 Jak-2

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Romeo Shehu, Gaz Demi’s driver, Çiljeta’s “toy boy”, the truck driver of hashish who will investigate “VIP” businesses




Prime Minister Rama is still continuing his adventures of criminalization of public administration by appointing exponents of mafia at the head of strategic sectors, supporting his family gang which administers all public funds.

 Prime Minister Rama is renewing the crime structures and domes of the public administration, especially in the sectors where all public funds, imports, VAT, excises, exports and VIP business activities are allocated and controlled.

With a special request, prime minister Rama appointed Romeo KujtimShehu as the director of Tax Investigation Directorate, the exemplar from Saranda, known as ÇiljetaÇilaga’s ex-boyfriend, but who is actually in love with the drugs, kidnapping and robbery, for the interests of dark business of Gaz Demi, Olsi Rama’s boss.

According to the official announcement from the General Directorate of Taxation, among the 4 “excellent” winners of the national competition for the head of tax investigation, the winner in Tirana was Romeo KujtimShehu, who has only completed 11 grades in school, and who, with his professional level, beat 106 participants in the competition, who were experts in economics, law and finance.

One of the competitors, a former prosecutor, years ago, had even called Romeo as a defendant, had arrested him for drug trafficking and tourist kidnapping, but the former prisoner, Romeo, was more adept than him in this competition.

After this appointment, Edi Rama delegated the Tax Investigation to Gaz Demi, just as he gave him Arbri Street or the gambling monopoly through his in-law, RrokGjoka.

Next, “Pamfleti” will bring new written facts on the services Romeo KujtimShehu has offered to the dirty and illegal businesses of Gaz Demi, Olsi Rama, KlementBalili, KoçoKokëdhima and even to those who inaugurated “Santa Quaranta”./Pamfleti

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Guardian Agron Malaj, hired and promoted by the Democratic Party in 2007, served “Rilindja (Renaissance)” Mafia as a “Trojan Horse” on January 21st 




On November 16, 2007, he was promoted “Active Officer” and was given the rank “Captain 1st Rank” at the Republican Guard, was appointed “Commander of the 5th Group of the Special Unit”, and on 01.10.2010, after his success in “extra” services, being infiltrated into gambling mafia groups, in charge of“tracing and detecting money laundering groups”, was appointed “Commander of the Special Sectorfor Rapid Intervention Groups 3 and 4 , in the Operational Unit”, a duty during which he run his criminal service, by shooting the protestors.

Prime Minister Edi Rama confessed the hidden motive in appointing the Guardian of January 21st, Agron R. Malaj as the director of the Electric Power Distribution Operator for Milot-Dibra region, after coming to power on October 20, 2013.

He also explained why he appointed him as the chairman of the Socialist Party in Burrel, introduced by Gramoz Ruçi and Taulant Balla, but did not give any explanation why he brutally fired the former Socialist chairman Hasan Ceni, the honorable doctor who saved Rama’s life when he passed out during the conference of the Socialist Party in Mat and who later told GramozRuci that the cause was drug overdose.

Edi Rama declared that the chief guardian of January 21st was rewarded with a state job positionas well as running for mayor of the Socialist Party, since Agron Malaj has successfully served Edi Rama as a “Trojan Horse” inside the “castle” of the of the Democratic Party, the police of the Republican Guard, during the SaliBerisha power until the day when he was ordered to shoot the protests, as well as an informantfor everything that wasplanned on January 21st.

Although not declared by the prime minister, the rewards that Rama gave to the guardian of January 21st, “Captain 1st Rank”Agron R. Malaj, are not only the position of the Socialist Party chairman in Mat, the position as the Electric Power Distribution Operator director in Milot-Dibra region and his nomination as a candidate for MP in 2017, but also payments worth billions, for 2 private police businesses, “ARMY GUARD SECURITY ltd” with Tax ID Number L31922010A, and the other, “GLOBAL SECURITY ltd”, with Tax ID Number K72217015V, which only during 2016-2019 received ALL 830 million from tenders for public objects guards, also in partnership with private police “Gjici” and “Breçani”.

Next, we will publish facts from his gambling businesses, licensed or not, his business of gas based in Mat, the tenders given by the Electric Power Distribution Operator to his partners Gjici et al., his sentence file to 10 months in prison for illegal possession of firearms, being  used as a substitute for the son of a senior politician with whom he has businesseswhich are currently administered by a group of drug traffickers captured in the Dibra-Bulqiza area, while transporting drugs with vehicles of the Electric Power Distribution Operator in Mat, aswell as other facts related to the dark services to Edi Rama, Taulant Balla, Edmond Bego, Tom Doshi and “Dako-Çela” Group in Durrës./Pamfleti

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Edi Rama shares the coast with the oligarchs; here is the mafia project for looting the state properties without a competition.




Edi Rama shares the coast with the oligarchs; here is the mafia project for looting the state properties without a competition.

Rama sends the draft law of public assets looting to the Parliament; he invents the “investment corporation” as the latest maneuver to give the clients the coast and free properties in the main cities of Albania

The theft and economic damage of € 1.7 billion from the Edi Rama’s government, its branches and mayors, within a year, will be a bed of roses. Recently, Edi Rama has taken another mafia decision and with catastrophic consequences for Albania. With only one signature, Rama and his soldiers in government have decided to give the oligarchs the coast without a competition. The decision foresees that Edi Rama will divide the Albanian coast with the oligarchs and its clients as if it was a spoil of war. With this decision, the public but also the private part of the coast will goto the hands of a group of oligarchs, while the rest of the Albanians will be tourists or slaves of the oligarchy. In addition to the coastline which is the most desirable, this law will also share other properties, especially in the main urban centers.

We are talking about the draft law on the Albanian Investment Corporation, which the government has brought for approval to the Parliament. This initiative initially plans to create corporations from government clients. Subsequently, according to the draft law, the corporation will develop and manage state properties, will design investment projects on state property and, where applicable, will undertake their implementation, will act as the owner of properties acquired by the Corporation or state owned property transferred to it. So the corporation will rob state properties.

But how does the corporation rob the properties?

The draft law states that “State properties, in the sense of this law, are movable, immovable state properties, the real rights on them, exploitation rights, and state property titles on the capital of commercial companies and / or state-owned enterprises. When the Corporation identifies state propertieswhich are of interest to carry out investment projects, it proposes to the Council of Ministers, through the Minister responsible for the economy, their transfer to the Corporation. A transfer means the transfer of the right of use and / or of the right of ownership of state property by the central or local government of the corporation.

The problem is not the establishment of corporations, but the robbery consists of the privileged status this draft law gives to the corporates, which in the present case will be a mask for the oligarchs who together with Rama, want to seize the properties on the coast. According to the draft law, the corporation is excluded from the competition. This means that the corporation picks up a coastal area and Rama decides to give it or not. But this is not the end. According to the draft law “On the development and implementation of an investment project, the Corporation may be supported by state institutions with supporting infrastructure, such as roads, water supply, sewerage, electricity and telecommunications. The ministry responsible for the economy, in cooperation with other ministries, examines and verifies the needs and requirements forsupportinginfrastructure, as well as estimates the approximate cost for its completion, a cost that should not be disproportionately high in relation to the value and importance of the investment project. The support with supporting infrastructure is approved by a decision of the Council of Ministers, upon the proposal of the minister responsible for the economy “.

This practice defiles the constitution, democracy, competition and the first consequence it can bring is the final blocking of the EU integration process, because the EU cannot accept a privatized country by 4-5 “sultans”. All governments are looking to grasp the coast, to acquire it through its clients. SaliBerisha managed to acquire and transform some of the most strategic areas, by giving them to the wolves of the politics. But, Edi Rama, with the last law, surpasses not only SaliBerisha but also all the invaders since the Roman occupation./Pamfleti

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