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Linda left “ABI Bank” but “ABI Bank” did not leave the prime minister’s office. Rama and its boss are the heads of the Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) board.

Just to cast your mind back to the fact that an “expert” likeLinda was not hired by any bank, though she applied 42 times in seven Secondary Banks and 3 times at the State Bank, and once she marriedthe Prime Minister Edi Rama, she became a board member in the offshore “ABI-Bank”, which controls all PPP funds and 60% of state administration wagesand business bids, where the main shareholder is the Albanian-American aunt’s son of BashkimUlaj, with whom Rama and Linda, have taken pictureswhile dining in the US.

 In order to argue the media, the opposition and the internationals down, to camouflage and continue to steal, through thehuge money laundering, the fourth family of Prime Minister Rama, played another public fraud scenario, by fictitiously resigning Lindita (Linda) Rama, from the board member of the offshore bank “ABI Bank”.

 Edi Rama has been trying continuously to justify his wife’s appointment at the border of “ABI Bank”, by claiming that “Linda is a finance expert and the bank has taken her on its board, to give them ideas on the development” but he does not explain two facts, which let the cat out of the bag.

Why “ABI Bank”, from a foreign exchange and “courier” agency of financial transfers for rural areas named “TanzitSh.a”, after the Prime Minister’s marriage to Linda who was in a NGO, became a “primo bank” for managing the funds of the Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA) in Albania, while Linda became a Board Member in this bank?

 After numerous attacks on this serious state scandal, that the prime minister’s wife is part of the board of a private bank that deals with government funds, on December 20, 2018, the “expert”, Linda Rama, resigned from “ABI Bank” Board along with the main owner, the Albanian-American Richard Lukaj, with whom the prime ministerial couple have a “close friendship” (business), through his cousin Bashkim Ulaj.

But the information available to “PAMFLETI” shows that Lindita Rama has actually resigned from “ABI Bank” but has not really given upon it, since the Prime Minister’s family, that is Edi Rama,and the boss of “ABI Bank”, Andi Ballta, hold the positions of the chairman and vice chairman (after ArbenAhmetaj’s dismissal), at the Board of the Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA), whose executive director is Fatos Nano’s son.

According to the Decision of the Council of Ministers, all state funds in Albania are “processed” by the Board of the Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA), where the chairman is Edi Rama, while vice chairman is the owner of “ABI Bank” Andi Ballta, a scandal which has never occurred even under Maduro’s power in Venezuela!

According to this logic, Linda left “ABI Bank” but “ABI Bank” did not leave the prime minister’s “dome”, since its boss is the head of the state agency’s (AIDA) board where they plan, approve, assign and manage, all the government funding for PPPs, public investments, tenders and the 1 billion euro fund for the development of areas.


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