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Albania in Linda Rama’s hands. Gent Cakaj is the boyfriend of her daughter, Rea. All Edi does, is obeyand draw signatures.

Just like in Turkey, where the power is in the hand of “Erdogan” Presidential family, with sons-in-law, children, nieces, brothers-in-law ashigh-ranking state officials, even the Albanian government has become a “property”in the hands of the Prime Minister’s wife, who is the “de facto” prime minister, while Rama is the “de jure” protocol prime minister, who only obeys and signs laws, decisions, orders, concessions, tenders, projects for NGOs, list of deputies, fiscal amnesty, imposition andremoval of taxes, appointments and dismissals of ambassadors, ministers, directors, boards and everything else.

There have been speculations, questions, comments, and even charges of any kind, regarding Edi Rama’s rage to appoint the “Kosovar” Gent Cakaj, in the position of the Foreign Minister, and especially to openly show his persistence to appoint him as a “de facto” minister without being decreed by the president.

This movement of Rama turns out to be absurd in every aspect, for such an inexperienced and anonymous “whippersnapper” even in Kosovo, to be appointed the chief diplomat of a country like Albania, with a 28 year transition and left out of the EU. The common sense suggests that the country requires an expert on this onerous duty.

If Baton Haxhiu brought Gent Cakaj to the prime minister as a delirious and daydreaming“trainee”, at the prime minister’s office, to learn on the government affairs, then Rama’s hysterical-schizophrenic persistence, to make him a minister, is nota “favor” to Baton or a motive for state works, but instead, an order for promotion and parental support, by Linda Rama.

According to the information we possess, it turns out that Gent Cakaj, due to various connections with the state offices, is in a love affair with Rea Xhillari, the daughter of Edi Rama’s wife, adopted by him and supported with public funds in the construction business where she is part of, and in a youth NGO which she owns.

The appointment of Cakaj as the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs is a scenario designed inside “Surrel’sSarays”, by order of Linda Rama,and probably against Rama’s will, but being forced, because as we can see from many cases, the Socialist Party’s power and the prime minister’s throne are not governed by the Constitution and the Socialist Party program, but by his wife’s interests and plans.

The prime minister has obligations to take care of his children, but not to promote and “celebrate” everyone they are in love with, even if he/she is a “genius”, but in this case, the prime minister’s groom-to-beis unknown, while inside and outside Albania’s official borders, there are many other potential personswith a diplomatic career and background, preferred by internationals.

However, the government is held by Rama and the Socialist Party, but the throne given to GentiCakaj as his daughter’s boyfriend rather than as a diplomat, shows that the government isset up, changed and commanded by the “first lady” of Sarays, Linda Rama (Basha, Xhillari) and not by Rama himself, whose name is on the Prime Minister’s portfolio and that of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

If Edi Rama delegated the position of the minister to his adopted daughter’s boyfriend, he seems to be Linda’s “sheep”, by approving and signing everything she requires, like laws, decisions, orders, concessions, tenders, projects for NGOs, lists of MPs, fiscal amnesty, imposition and removal of taxes, appointments and dismissals of ambassadors, consuls, ministers, directors, boards.

This state finances and power control clearly demonstrates the many facts not only denounced in the media, but also acknowledged and stated“sotto voce” by officials in the institutions, some of which are as follows:

  • About 70% of ambassadors and consuls are family members, in-laws, close friends, close relatives and associates of Linda Rama, in NGOs and businesses.
  • In 1810 of the state boards, which are in public institutions and public services, nearly 80% of the leaders and 70% of their membership are Linda Rama’s or her daughter’s “little siege”.
  • Nearly 90% of NGOs, part of the government “court” andwhich win all the financial projects signed and sealed by Edi Rama, are owned by Linda Rama’s daughter, even by her two former husbands before the prime minister .
  • Nearly 80% of central directors and 40% of regional directors are appointed and commanded by Linda Rama.
  • Nearly 90% of state-funded banking operations, nearly 70% of public service concessions and 80% of infrastructure tenders and strategic investments, mainly in tourism and environment, are Linda Rama’s monopoly.
  • Nearly 80% of the laws, DCMs, government guidelines, are ordered and designed to satisfy the interests of Linda Rama and individuals and groups of local and foreign businesses whom she cooperates with./Pamfleti

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