May 25, 2020

Pamfleti International

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Vetting Commission “takes leave of its senses”: it does not dismiss Prosecutor Besnik Cani, but denounces him for serious violations.

Vetting’s process is severely compromised. Vetting’s first commission has made an unprecedented decision for Prosecutor Besnik Cani. The commission has decided to confirm on duty Prosecutor Cani, despite finding serious violations and inconsistencies during the investigation of his assets. What makes this decision very suspect is the fact that the Vetting Commission has denounced Prosecutor Cani for some serious violations, while at the same time confirms him on duty. This is the strangest decision that has been made so far by the Independent Qualification Commission.
The decision states that “The Trial Panel of the Independent Qualification Commission, decided on the confirmation on duty of the reassessed subject, Mr. Besnik Cani, holding the position of Prosecutor at Prosecutor’s Office of Elbasan District Court.
2. Pursuant to point 4 of Article 59 of Law no. 84/2016, to forward some issues / practices to the competent body for inspection of possible disciplinary violations, as follows: a. The practice of the legal-civil relationship between the subject of reassessment and the persons associated with the company “(***)” LLC .; b. Case no. 1380, of 2006, at the Prosecutor’s Office of Tirana District Court; c. Criminal Procedure File no. 1079, 2012, at Prosecutor’s Office of Fier District Court, along with the practice of obtaining a homeless status, based on the decision of Fier Municipal Coucils Decision, no. 14, dated 28.03.2013 “.
Further, the Commission states: “He has committed errors in periodic declarations, but not with the intention or as a consequence of concealment of assets or non-declaration of the financial source used for the purchase of any property; ii. There have been some deficiencies in financial resources – for a total accumulated over five years (and distributed over the 11-year period), in the amount of ALL 819,812 which are considered insufficient. The Commission has identified some issues related to the professional skills of the subject of reassessment, as well as some reasonable doubts about the ethics – which are not, however, sufficient to come to the conclusion that Mr. Besnik Cani does not reach a minimum qualifying level when assessing his professional skills.