May 25, 2020

Pamfleti International

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USA discovers Bashkim Ulaj’s “laundering machine”, PLATINIUM Fund, licensed by Fullani and Bode – the director of the Socialist Movement for Integration, middleman of shares.

This company that makes transactions of billions of dollars for the crime world and offshore companies, certified and authorized by the Ministry of Finance and the State Bank, with license no. 25, dated 26.06.2012, operates in the heart of Tirana, but the two prime ministers Berisha and Rama, the two ministers of finance Bode and Ahmetaj, the two governors Fullani and Sejko, the President Ilir Metaj whose campaign sponsor of 2017 as well as central director of LSI is the founder of this company, Argnet Alltar, allegedly know nothing about it.

Highly reliable sources informed “PAMFLETI” that the joint investigative team of the anti-economic-financial crime of USA-Albania discovered another “scum” of financial crime in Albania, that of the business of the top cocaine trafficker Bashkim Ulaj, the favorite oligarch of Prime Minister Edi Rama, friend and family businessman of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, and beneficiary of the 460 million euro concessionsand of 500 hectares of land, mountains and hills for quarries and cement factory in 2005-2013.

During the investigation, for two tenders worth €30 million, which, by order of Prime Minister Rama, the Minister Gjiknuri, the Director of Roads, Afrim Qendro and the Director of the Transmission System Operator, Klodian Gradeci, gave to Bashkim Ulaj’s ghost company “DH Albania”, it came out that for 6 years, Bashkim Ulaj is using a kind of bank company in Albania, a “laundering machine” for money laundering, allegedly with legal investment transactions, typical of Linda Rama’s bank.
This kind of “laundering machine” owned by Bashkim Ulaj, is called “PLATINIUM INVESTMENT ox Trade”, located at Bashkim Ulaj’s “Gener 2” offices since its inception, is established as a foundation on December 6, 2011 and certified for banking transaction activity (Bank) by Ardian Fullani, with license no. 25, dated 26.06.2012, very active in the “management” of the billions of concessions and state investments made in Albania and in the Region.

According to the file at the National Business Center, the “laundering machine” of Bashkim Ulaj”PLATINIUM INVESTMENT Ox Trade”, although considered as a “non-banking financial entity”, carries out financial activities licensed by the Bank of Albania for all forms of lending, factoring,finance leases, payments and money transfer services, the provision of financial guarantees and engagement, currency exchange and advisory, intermediary and other assistive services, for all financial activities.

To create and put this “laundering machine” into operation, Bashkim Ulaj used the “expert” Argent Alltari, a member of the LSI-Tirana board, its sponsor in 2017 elections with ALL 1 million (the 37th on the list) and in October 2013 – September 2017, a senior officer of LSI, holding the position of the Head of Cabinet for the Minister of Environment, Lefter Koka, and just the same, as the Chief Assistant to the Vice-President of “Intesa San Paolo Bank” and Director of Credit Recruitment in the same bank.
But a year later, on September 30, 2013, the main owner of this “laundering machine”, Argent Alltari, LSI director of Minister Lefter Koka’s Cabinet during Berisha-Metaj government, gave the 60% of the shares he owned to his copartner Bashkim Ulaj who owned 40% of the shares, and who became a 100% sole shareholder.
Given that since 2014, Bashkim Ulaj was in the game with Rama’s government and started taking the first PPPs, in order not to have his name on the “laundering machine””PLATINIUM INVESTMENT Ox Trade”, on 30.06.2015 , sold 100% of the shares to Andri Kasneci, who is now the only owner of this “laundering machine”.

This was a fictitious sale, so that Ulaj could obliterate his traces, since the buyer, Andri Kasneci, becomes the director of “TV-A2” (Ulaj) inaugurated by Edi Rama, just two days priortothe announcement of the winner for the 2 tenders worth€ 30 million, as well as the administrator of the 9 HPPs of Bashkim Ulajat in Dragobi-Valbonë.
But this is not over, since Andri Kasneci, who already runs the banking “laundering machine” of the billions from PPPs, state tenders and offshore companies, is Bashkim Ulaj’s sister’s son, while his wife is Avdiol Dobi’s sister, the “boss” of the ghost company “DH Albania”, to which Rama-Gjiknuri gave 2 tenders worth €30 million with fake American papers, which, according to the investigation so far, are proven to be forged in Montenegro, by Bashkim Ulaj’s niece, graduated in USA.