May 25, 2020

Pamfleti International

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The new justice and “Berisha” mafia family, which has to face“settling”many personal and legal scores.

Albanians hope that the new legal state that the USA and the EU are setting up, will call on the carpet Sali Berisha, his son and his daughter who have immersed themselves in crimes and corruption, and along with them, the presidential mafia family and all the bandits connected with them, to take them to the court, as the first evidence of crime punishment outset, in the dome of politics.

Since he fell from power, Sali Berisha, this exhausted “oil lamp” (76-year-old deputy), immersed in psychological horrorbecause of being faced with the crimes committed, is making up, intriguing and using any destabilization scenario.
Every day, from his niche (FB), he is encouraging riots in the parliament, blocking the streets, obstructing justice reform, and along with Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi, they are calling for a popular armed revolution, that is, for a civil war, since Albanians “red and blue” (PD-LSI), must fight against the “purple” Albanians (PS).
In the 28-year-old dark business, Sali Berisha and his family have committed many crimes and done much harm against Albanians, with severe personal and collective consequences, for life and properties, for which he received no punishment, because the heads of the police, chief judges and parliamentarians, have always been “sewer rats” of crime and corruption.
There is no doubt that “Berisha” mafia family has many unknown crimes, committed in total secrecy, which are “buried” without any traces, with missing perpetrators and witnesses, or deaths from stroke, thrombosis, murders in street and air accidents, through assassinations and in hospitals by “sudden illnesses”.
But even if the justice, headed by the National Bureau of Investigation (BKH) and the Special Anti-Corruption and the Organized Crime Structure (SPAK), are not be able to detect all the crimes that Sali Berisha and his family have committed, those crimes that happened publicly should suffice, clear crimes with sound and video, with burning tears shed by mothers and children, with groans, blasts, fatalities, blood, smoke, and flames in the middle of the day.
“Berisha” mafia family is still maintaining the political and state domination, is still being the head of an education that prepares justice workers, is still accumulatingbundles of moneythrough ghost NGOs, is still enjoying freely but not happilylife inluxurious villas and having fun abroad, with the billions and assets stolen from the Albanians’ state, is still swaggering publicly, and is still commanding the justice.
It is a family that, until it comes to justice, has to be kept under guard by the state, since Sali Berisha, his son Shkëlzen and his daughter Argita, apart from being a subject of crime to the justice, have to suffer the “settling” of “old personal scores”, for which the prosecutors and judges did not punish them.
“Berisha” family’s crimes will render a legal account and in its absence, will suffer “rough retribution”:

1. Personal and legal account, retribution for Remzi Hoxha’s dismemberment and disappearance.
2. The balance sheet of 3000 killed persons in the riots of 1997, with 11 soldiers among them.
3. The bomb deliberately placed at “Vefa” Market in Tirana, by the order of Sali Berisha.
4. Legal account, retribution regarding the scenario of Azem Hajdari murder (the family forgave him).
5. Personal account, retribution regarding the so-called “Revenge for Justice” group.
6. Coup d’etat of “September 14, 1998”, where 2 citizens were killed and the state suffered 21 million euros damages.
7. Money laundering from Liri Beisha and Rezart Taçi, with the foundation “Albanian Children”.
8. Crimes committed by Izet Haxhia, by order of Sali Berisha, for his family interests.
9. The murder in the air accident and the disappearance of Gramoz Pashko, his son and his doctor.
10. Personal account, retribution for the murder of 200 boys in Tropoja.
11. Personal account, retribution for Haklaj family.
12. The scenario for the murder of the director of prison Bujar Kaloshi.
13. The destruction of Valbona’s inhabited and touristic area with Bashkim Ulaj’s HECs.
14. The robbery of the former Complex “Partizani” Club in Tirana, given to Argita, for apartment buildings.
15. Personal account,retribution for Zylfie Haklaj.
16. Personal and legal account, retribution for Izet Haxhiaj.
17. Legal Account for CEZ-DIA affair conducted with Shkëlzen Berisha.
18. Personal and legal account,retribution for the families of 26 victims of Gërdec.
19. Personal account, retribution for Kosta Trebicka’s assassination by Agron Kuliçaj.
20. Legal account,retribution for the disappearance of Eduard Beleg in collaboration with Ilir Metaj