June 5, 2020

Pamfleti International

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The 26 first files in the hands of the Special Structure against Corruption and Organized Crime (SPAK), Berisha, Rama, Meta, Basha and the gang of the corrupt in a surge of panic

While the procedures for the opening of the Special Prosecution Office have already started, which will open the way to the National Bureau of Investigation and Special Courts, Sali Berisha, Lulzim Basha and Monika Kryemadhi, have called for protests and riot, supposedly to dethrone Edi Rama.
This scenario is a game of all the political mafia in Tirana, as the last hope to escape SPAK, which is a USA-EU project to shatter the beast of corruption in Albania. Berisha, Basha and Kryemadhi are playing on stage, while Meta and Edi Rama are playing behind the scenes. Their nightmare is for a number of files expected to be opened by SPAK. Until now the files have been held hostage, some have been closed and some others have been manipulated by the justice controlled by the political mafia. The opening of these files is expected to wreck all the leaders of the political mafia.
The plan for riots and instability is also the ultimate hope of the political mafia to escape the deserved ruination. The political mafia, which has been stealing and ruling Albania for three decades, will now close its cycle. There is no chance that SPAK will be sabotaged because behind SPAK there are the USA, the EU and 90% of Albanians who support the downfall of the high-level corruption.
In the law, SPAK has full power to investigate and open any files starting from the collapse of the communist regime up to the present day.
Files to be handled by SPAK
1. Balil’s file and his connection to Ilir Meta and Edi Rama’s ministers.
2. The New Ring Road file, where 18million euros got almost stolen through a “ghost” company.
3. The file of the sea sale to Greece, Berisha and Basha implicated; no convicts.
4. January 21, Basha and Berisha were not investigated as the main responsible persons.
5. Gerdec, Berisha, Shkëlzen, Fatmir Mediu, Aldo Bumçi etc., were not investigated.
6. The Durrës-Kukës Road, where 250 million Euros were stolen, Lulzim Basha escaped through procedure.
7. Ilir Meta’s and Monika Kryemadhi’s wealth file, they have over 20 million euros declared wealth accumulated by only two state wages.
8. Concession file that Ilir Beqja and Edi Rama gave to Vilma Nushi in health
9. The file of the apartment building of Lulzim Basha’s father in law, demolished by Edi Rama. Due to that Lulzim Basha’s father in law received a compensation of 17 million Euros, no punishments received.
10. CEZ file, still under investigation, Berisha and half of his ministers implicated.
12. Mafia deal with CEZ, where Albania lost 600 million euros, Rama, Ahmetaj and Gjiknuri implicated.
13. 200 corruption files in taxes and customs during Berisha-Basha government
14. The disappearance of the warranty worth 85 million Euros for Albpetrol, the implicated ones were the former ministers of the Socialist Movement for Integration and Democratic Party, headed by Edmond Haxhinasto .
15. The 30 million USD disappearance of former proprietors by Ridvan Bode
16. Ridvan Bodes file, where he is charged with 60 million euros damage for a 250 million loan and with stealth wealth.
17. Genc Pollo’s file with the optical fibers tender, given to “Gener2” of Bashkim Ulaj.
18. Genc Ruli’s file, who took the powers of the Parliament, favoring the ACR company in the mines.
19. Arms trafficking, Arben Imami implicated
20. Coastal property robbery, Jamarbër Malltezi implicated
21. File of forests and rivers.
22. The wiretap of the opposition and the ambassadors.
23. The alteration of 670 Army properties
24. The scandal of the former Partizani club, taken by Berisha’s son-in-law
25. 1 billion ALL of the Army spent for the Democratic Party campaign
26. The sale of 14 fighter jets
27. The file of $ 700,000 ads, Berisha’s ministers implicated