May 25, 2020

Pamfleti International

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Rama squandered over €2 billion through PPPs, now “grants amnesty” to the rascality by forbidding it by law

Edi Rama’s decision to cut off the granting of concessions through the Private Public Partnership has really caused a surprise not only in political, but financial circles as well.
All were unprepared with Rama’s maneuver, while initially they got familiar with the cancellation of the Thumana-Kasharroad concession worth€250 million, taken through the famous PPPs, to be built by the company of the oligarchBashkimUlaj.
But then Rama informed that a draft law sent to the parliament by former Minister Ahmetajforesees the abolition of the legal possibility of “concessions of unsolicited requests” from July 1, 2019, thus canceling the legal mechanism used by the government itself these years.
The draft law foresees that the government will no longer have the legal right to accept “unsolicited proposals” for concessions of the kind that actually gave the possibility to the same government to sign contracts worth over 1 billion euros, while the accompanying report explains that the change was due to “Recommendations” from international institutions, such as the IMF and the World Bank.
But so far, nearly two billion euros have been spent by direct tenders or tenders through negotiations, as well as through Public Private Partnership concessions, and such an action “grants amnesty” to the whole rascality of the government, from 2013 onward.
This means that all concessions given by former Minister Beqaj shall be “granted amnesty”, from the laboratories to the famous Check-up, which have swallowed up millions of euros at the expense of Albanian citizens.
Because this practice, though not exactly a concession, initially had a partnership between the Ministry of Finance and the “Crown Agents”, where this company was chosen to co-manage the Albanian customs.
The English company cost the state budget 8.2 million euros, but in more than two years, and at the same time, due to its lack of efficiency, 400 million euros were lost from taxes and customs. The partnership between “Crown Agents’” and the government was supposed to bring 100 million euros in the state budget to what had been previously accomplished by the Albanian customs.
Then he continued with “Skavica” in KatundiiRi, a concession that costs the state budget 100 million euros, which came on the basis of an unsolicited offer and here the state committed an offense, since the Ministry of Energy had a detailed study since 2009 that predicts how this investment should be done.
Meanwhile, the former Minister of Health IlirBeqja’s concessions that gave “ok” for hundreds of “monopoly” tenders controlled by him and Rama, were innumerable. On the top there is the Compulsory Healthcare Insurance Fund, which during 2014 gave 19 tenders out of which 11 resulted in major offenses, also reported by the High State Control.
But the scandal of the labs concessions was not the least, where the company which for 10 years had won a 10-million-euro concession, and as an investmentforesaw only 9.9 million euros in total. So the 90 million euro difference for the next 10 years will be the operational costs and the company’s profits, an enormous amount that will be paid by Albanian citizens.
Let us not forget the Check-Up tender, which reached the value of ALL 1.7 billion or €1.5 million, and where VilmaNushi, Rama’s oligarch client, got the highest profit.
The same “melody” was played even for other concessions or tenders starting with the project of Fusha for the New Theater, Arber Street or forged tender through PPPs for the New Ring Road as well as Burrel-Tirana interconnection, where through forgery the state would be stolen €30 million from Rama’s oligarch, BashkimUlaj, who stood behind “DH Albania”.
But even where only 2.3 kilometers of road cost three lots at the New Ring Road worth €40 million.

While these same rascality continued with KlodianZoto’s company, who through it won a €128 million concession for the construction of the incinerator in Tirana and surprisingly managed to set up a company with only a capital worth ALL100 thousand in 2010, making 10 million euros capital this year, just 7 years after the creation. The 30-year incinerator’s shady concession was taken by “Integrated Energy B.V”, the only one that made a€128 million offer.

But, having fritteredaway 2 billion euros through PPPs, having supplied his client oligarchs with state money, and having received heavy blows by the IMF, the World Bank, and eventually by the US, Rama closes this process, but grants amnesty as well.