June 5, 2020

Pamfleti International

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Rama-Metaj, scrimmage for their wives’ power and their children’s wealth, Berisha is “the scum of the earth”

Kryetari i Kuvendit Ilir Meta dhe Kryeministri Edi Rama, gjate nje seance parlamentare, ku eshte miratuar projektligji Per regjistrimin, klasifikimin, menyren e perdorimit dhe kontrollin te mjeteve lundruese me motor me tonazh nen 20 NT.

During these 18 months of the Socialist Movement for Integration opposition the and the absolute power of the Socialist Party, any movement made by the two camps “Government-Presidency”, has nothing to do with the interests of the country and people’s troubles, but only with the interests of the two mafia families that have occupied the state and the power, which sometimes they share, and sometimes they divide.

The Rama-Metaj scrimmage is occurring with “patriotic” colours, expressed in their speeches and verses, where the two “caterpillars” of Albanian transition, among which the “caterpillars” Basha-Kryemadhi and the “main scoundrel” Berisha, pretend to sympathize with the people, pretend to “bleed” for Albania’s security and the integrity of Albanian lands, but inside thesescrimmages, they only care about their private interests and those of anti-Albanian groups, whichthey already represent and have publicly shown.

In addition to the services to those who do not want Albania, Rama and Metaj, who pretend to love Albania, are fighting against each other a battle for their wives’ power and their children’s wealth, a wealth which is surprisingly enormous but they are not having a bellyful of it.

This thief president, a constitutional, state and national disaster who was appointed to this position, is fighting for his wife’s power, who through him, shall take over and control the “money tray” of billions, because after all, the money they stole when they were in power with Nano, Berisha and Rama, have started to fade away.

Prime Minister Rama, the servant ringleader of the mafia oligarch group, a crime which for the government is the leading of the executive power, is fighting for his wife’s absolute economic-financial power through which he steals, recycles, and launders billions of dollars for his children and his family.