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Exclusive / the 30 first files which will put Ilir Meta in jail, learn about the first material of the Special Anti-Corruption and the Organized Crime Structure for the father of corruption in the Balkans

Anytime we hear about the demolition of the wall of impunity in Albania, about the arrest of the ‘big fish’, about the fight against high-level corruption, money laundering, illegal assets, quarries and forest destruction, we are reminded of Ilir Meta, the one whom Edi Rama appointed President,a present he gave to Albanians. According to the public viewpoint and public and confidential reports of internationals, Ilir Meta is considered to be the most corrupt politician in Europe. Meta and his wife Monika Kryemadhi in their declaration of assets declared over 15 million euros, whileonly their state wages were legitimate incomes. Their real wealth is thought to be as much asthe one-year budget of the Albanian state. Several years ago, Meta was caught with the book of deals in his hands, striking a bargain for public properties. But Meta got away without being punished in the Supreme Court, since the Supreme Court was simply theSali Berisha’s comfort station. All judges who voted against Meta imprisonmentwere dismissed by the Vetting as corrupt judges. Only Ardian Dvorani, who voted for Meta to be found guilty, survived.

After almost three decades of corrupt activity, it seems that the time is coming for Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi to account tothe Special Anti-Corruption and the Organized Crime Structure. Today we are listing the first 30 files of Ilir Meta that will be the target of the National Bureau of Investigation. These files were prepared by Sali Berisha’s adherents in order to keep Meta hostage, whenever hebroke down political marriages. The files were complemented by Edi Rama, during his time with Meta, but for the very same purpose. Rama sent the files to the internationals. But it is only now that the conditions are favorable for the justiceto get these files in hand. These are only the first set of files. With the establishment of the Bureau of Investigation, other files will be created for very serious affairs, because as it is generally known, Meta’s activity extends over three decades.
The first 30 files for Ilir Meta

1. The AKBN (The National Agency of Natural Resources) file. The Canadian-American company “Empire Mining Corporation”, known for the mining field, after investing $ 100 million in Albania, was expelled from the Meta-Naço couple. While Naço went to Turkey to make deals with Turkish companies after the expulsion of Canadian-American companies, Berisha blocked the process of issuing permits for exploration and exploitation of the underground. Berisha’s Anticorruption investigated Besjan Pesha, former Executive Director of the National Agency of Natural Resources, the architect of many affairs in the Ministry of Economy. Later, Meta expelled Pesha, as he suspected he was playing in his own favor.
2. The file of Almir Rrapo. Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ilir Meta hired as his secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the most wanted from the United States, the terrific murderer and trafficker, Almir Rrapo. This was a stinging blow to the government’s image.
3. The video scandal file. Dritan Prifti, the denunciator in writing, video and sound, the former Minister of Economy, and Sali Berisha, the public defender of the governmental, economic and financial scandal of the Deputy Prime Minister Ilir Meta, made through bribes with the appointments, tenders and concessions of hydropower plants.
4. 22-page file: Former Prime Minister Ilir Meta signed false documentation to legitimize the disappearance of 530 million ALL donations to the Ministry of Labor, accorded to national employment promotion policies.
5. 43-page file: Former Prime Minister Ilir Meta disappeared viafictitious signatures and tender stamps$ 13 million for road reconstruction in the axes of Tiranë-Durrës-Fushë-Krujë-Elbasan.
6. 8-page file: Former Prime Minister Ilir Meta gave his signature for the theft of 200,000 tons of grain and 100,000 tons of cooking oil given by USA, filling out false documents in port, allegedly as if they were thrown into the sea because they were “expired”.
7. 19-page file: Former Prime Minister Ilir Meta, steals 250 million ALL from the state budget, makes false purchases of Austrian wagons, which belong to the “scrap” category, and signs to sell them for melting.
8. 22-page file: Former Prime Minister Ilir Meta approved and allowed the Polish company “Gdansk” at the Port of Durrës to sell the Albanian capitals and escape, getting the state into an $11 million of debt.
9. 113-page file: Former Prime Minister Ilir Meta approved the TELEKOM privatization scheme, with a pre-determined sales value of 600 million ALL, equal to the 3-month financial incomes of TELEKOM.
10. 53-page file: Former Deputy Prime Minister Ilir Meta is accused as the mastermind of taking away $ 185 million from the Savings Bank, sealed by the pyramid schemes accounts.
11. 134-page file: Former Prime Minister Ilir Meta gavewithout any considerationa $ 2.2m fund of the state budget to the Australian phantomcompany“Citaroil”, for the reconstruction of the oil-drilling sector in Patos.
12. 48-page file: Former Prime Minister Ilir Meta covered the scandal of 200,000 pairs of shoes purchased for the army and of 12 million dollars of food and clothing for the army, gone “out of use”, anddismissed by force the reporter of this affair, General Cikalleshi.
13. 15-page file: Ilir Meta, signed without procurement procedure the purchase of 45 government cars, at a price 10 times higher than the free market.
14. 12-page file: Ilir Meta, is accused by the accredited Diplomatic Corps in Albania, after signing the involvement in the governmental delegations following the escape of 43 wanted persons from Albania.
15. 83-page file: Ilir Meta, orderedthe transfer of 500 million ALL to the “loss” account from the state budget, allocated as a reconstruction fund for the General Directorate of Oil.
16. 13-page file: Ilir Meta, signed the use of $ 750,000 for diets andservices of the Council of Ministers, allocated by UNDP for the reformation of the local government.
17. 36-page file: Ilir Meta, covers the 520 million ALL abuse, made with fictitious tenders in philatelic products at the Albanian Post Company. When the file was opened, the one who was sentenced was the director Liza Hoxha, while Ilir Meta “was clean” without even being included in the investigation.
18. 57-page file with graphic sketches: Ilir Meta, organized therobbery of the gold reserve that was a state treasury, by opening the tunnel in Kërraba and blocking the handling of the issue at the government and parliament meeting.
19. 6-page file: Ilir Meta, signed the purchase of electricity from import without procurement procedure and at a very high price, with $ 35 million malversation.
20. 20-page file: Ilir Meta signed 800 million ALLfor publicity ads, a sum which he embezzled through accounts and forged documentation on the Albanian Public Television.
21. 17-page file: Ilir Meta, is publicly accused by Prime Minister Fatos Nano, that had signed the malversation of 600 million ALL for the State Intelligence Service budget, justified by fictitious payments of recruited agents.
22. 26-page file: Ilir Meta, in co-operation with his brother in law Drini Kryemadhi, Director General of Public Transport (license and plates), made possible the legalization of stolen and trafficked cars in Albania.
23. 8-page file: Ilir Meta, abused with 2 million dollars in the public investment, for sidewalks and sewage, lighting and greenery in the Kombinat neighborhood in Tirana, through his wife, deputy Monika Kryemadhi.
24. 17-page file: Ilir Meta, ordered in writing the $ 3 million theft scandal through the fictitious tender of purchasing the material base for the Electro-Energetic Corporation.
25. Five-page file: Ilir Meta, is accusedof 2 workers killedby dynamite explosion in his quarry on Dajti Mountainand 2 workers in his quarry in Skrapari Mountain.
26. 7-page folder: Ilir Meta, is accused about an order to kill, by shooting at SYL LUSHA, in September 2000 during the Democratic Party mass meeting in Tropoja.
27. 11-page file: Ilir Meta, organized the traffic market of stone slabs to Greece, did not pay fiscal obligations, and along with the stone loads, sent drugs by trafficking.
28. 4-page file: Ilir Meta, destroyed the water supply in Bogova, by explosions in the quarry business in Bogova and by his order, 130 million ALL from the state budget were allocated for the repair of the water network, through direct procurement.
29. The 11-page file: Ilir Meta, ordered the withdrawal from the bank and the disappearance of the 500,000-dollar of the police solidarity tax, collected at the borders.
30. 29-page file: Ilir Meta, hired 35 police wanted officers for grave economic and human crimes, 4 of them leaders and 124 others in crime sectors, filed as “persons with precedent and criminal activity in the investigation.

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