May 25, 2020

Pamfleti International

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Edi Rama and Eduard Ndocaj at risk of becoming fellow prisoners: here is the evidence that will ruin both.

If one day Albania is a state of law and there is equal justice for all, Edi Rama and Eduard Ndocaj will be at risk of becoming fellow prisoners. The former Socialist Party’s deputy Eduard Ndocaj, a former friend of Edi Rama, stated that he gave to Rama and the Socialist Party €500,000 as a contribution to the campaign in the 2013 parliamentary elections. Ndocaj made this statement after quarreling with Edi Rama, as he changed his political positions week after week. Ndocaj stated: “The money spent in the campaign exceeds half ALL 1 billion. I had no hope of being elected because I was the sixth on the list.” This claimed money is nowhere declared, neither by Edi Rama nor by the Socialist Party. According to the laws in force, if the money had been received by the Socialist Party, it would have been declared to the Central Election Commission. If the money had been received by Rama in the form of a gift, it would have been declared to the High Inspectorate of Declaration and Audit of Assets and Conflict of Interest and to the banks.
Given this statement, Edi Rama and Eduard Ndocaj are involved in money laundering. At the time when Ndocaj declared that he had given Rama €500,000, the justice did not even ask Ndocaj on the matter. Now both Rama and Ndocaj must be investigated by the National Bureau of Investigation and the Special Prosecution Office. The prime minister, former prime ministers, deputies, former deputies, ministers, former ministers, etc., for each suspected criminal offense are under SPAK’s competence.
When SPAK is established, according to the laws in force, it can and should act on the basis of open information or public statements, such as the case of Ndocaj. Ndocaj stated that only one lunch of Rama with his friends cost him 8 thousand euros in Italy.

When Ndocaj and Rama dreaded they were both at risk, due to the Cowboy’s statement, Ndocaj changed his attitude. He later stated that “I want to shed light on the €500,000 that media is treating with much abuse. I have really spent such money but I did not give it to a “chair”, I built some roads in Lezha County, helped some families, built some cultural objects and reconstructed a Tekke. My investments are entirely in the interest of the community. Edi Rama has just taken a lunch, that famous lunch, and this lunch was given after he became prime minister.” However, the change of the attitude does not dispel the suspicions that the mandates to become a deputy are sold and bought with “dirty money”, where the main role is played by Edi Rama.