June 5, 2020

Pamfleti International

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Albania just the same as China: Edi Rama sets up the Censorship Committee for Albania’s return to the dark days of dictatorship

If the United States of America and the European Union does not givean ultimatum just as they did to SaliBerisha in 1996, and if the Albanians do not rise up in January to give a stingingslap in the face, Edi Rama will aim at returning Albania to RamizAlia’stime, a time when the ruling party controlled the media. Just the same Edi Rama has drafted a secret law for closing down all the media that refuse to be bribed from the government and protect the interests of Albanians. Rama aims at hitting the media through his tools, such as the Audio-visual Media Authority and the Electronic and Postal Communications Authority. The “cleaver”which will hit directly will be the Censorship Committee, which will be the Audio-visual Media Authority’s offspring.

The Censorship Committee in the law is called the Council of Complaints. The Council of Complaints is appointed by a qualified majority of the Audio-visual Media Authority. The council consists of the Chairman and two members of the Council of Complaints, who are experts in the field of media. The chairman and members are elected for a period of three years, with no right to be elected more than once. During these days Rama is leaving no stone unreturned to lay his hands on the Audio-visual Media Authority, from which the Censorship Committee will spring. Rama intends to seize the qualified majority, so that he can choosethe kamikazes to blast the media that criticize the government and reveal to the Albanians its scams, thefts and villainy.

Rama has set some rules in the law on how news should be made. But the first unwritten rule is not to criticize the government. The portal that violates one of these rules shall be fined by the Censorship Committee up to 10 million ALL. If the portal does not pay the fine, it shall be fined again 8 million ALL. When the portal writes over 5 news against the government, the portal is closed by the Censorship Committee or the Council of Complaints. So, by this law, the commander-in-chief of the media will be EndriFuga, who acts as the boss of the government’s propaganda, labelled by the internationals as the most corrupt government in Europe. Such a system currently functions only in China.