June 5, 2020

Pamfleti International

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4 ‘bombs’ will blow Edi Rama to bits in 2019, the reasons why Albania is likely to be liberated from the most notorious gang of thieves of the century

2019 is predicted to be anominous year for Edi Rama, who according to the international reports is definitely leading the most corrupt and incriminated government in the continent. Due to some combination of internal and external circumstances, due to the awakening of a new national awareness and the creation of a front against all this political class, which has been stealing and ruling Albania for 29 years, Albanians have a tremendous opportunity to be liberated from Edi Rama and his pack ofthieves in power in 2019, so that they shall bring the Albanian transition to an end. The collapse of Edi Rama and the advent of Monika-Bashacouple would be even more fatal for Albanians. Therefore, Albanians have the chance to expel the entire mafia class in Albania, a mafia which has been defending itself for three decades,which has beenrotatingin power, whichhas brought under Albanians the rule and has been stealing them.

1st Calamity

The first, the most prominent and inevitable calamity for Edi Rama, for his corrupt government to the core, but also for the entire Albanian mafia political class, is the Special Anti-Corruption and Organized Crime Structure. In spring, the National Bureau of Investigation, the Special Prosecution Office and the Special Courts will be set up. These bodies are designed by the US-EU to investigate and take over any criminal charge against Albanian high officials since 1991 to date for any crime they have committed. If these bodies were only in the hands of Albanians, there would be no danger to the mafia political class. But for the first time, the Bureau of Investigation will be controlled by the Americans and Brussels. That is why Edi Rama, SaliBerisha, Ilir Meta, LulzimBasha, Monika Kryemadhias well as their thieves and oligarchs feelaghast.

2nd Calamity
During 2019, the second bombshell to Edi Rama and the entire Albanian political class will come from the Americans who will take over the first files of crime and corruption at the National Bureau of Investigation, for Albanian politicians and the criminal groups related to them. An American and German team will be positionedin the National Bureau of Investigation for a two-year term. Initially, Rama, Meta and Berisha did not accept this, but after being threatened to be put on the black list just asAdriatikLlalla was put, they surrendered. The first investigations will begin for declared and hidden assets. Investigations will begin in the first half-year of 2019, which will result in arrests and confiscations. The first assets to be confiscated will be those of Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi.

3rd Calamity
The third calamity for Edi Rama, his mafia government and the political class are the students. The students’ protest does not consist only of those 8 requests that Edi Rama is meeting by sacrificing one of the corrupt tenders. Students are rebelling against this mafia and anti-national system. The students are not just against the government of Edi Rama, but against this political class, which protects itself and rotates in power to steal and rule. The dismissal of half of the ministers and the fulfilment of the eight requests of the students will not stop the students’ protests in January. Even if Rama is forced for snap elections, the protest will not cease, since what students want is to banish this ruling caste.

4th Calamity
During 2019, Edi Rama and his government will receive a fatal blow from the European Union. During 2018, Brussels set some tasks as conditions for opening the negotiations. The first condition was “catching the big fishes” of corruption. But this condition cannot be met, as the “big fish” of corruption is the President of the Republic himself, Ilir Meta, known as the father of corruption in the Balkans, whom Edi Rama appointed as president. The “big fishes” are Edi Rama himself and his ministers, they are LulzimBasha and his gang, and theyare the mayors of the main municipalities. In order for this condition to be met, the ruling caste must collapse. But as if the fulfilment of this condition were not enough, Rama has also drafted a law on closing down the media that refuse to be bribed by the government. The law envisages that EndriFugawill be the commander-in-chief of the media and will decide which portals should be closed. This is unacceptable for the EU. During 2019, the negotiations will shut offindefinitely. This will be a strong message that Brussels will give to Albanians to banish this political caste, whichhas taken Albania hostage for its own interests.