June 2, 2020

Pamfleti International

“A good newspaper is a nation talking to itself.”

2 days before of the announcement of “D.H Albania” as the winner and 3 days after the Transmission System Operator tender, Rama cut the ribbon of BashkimUlaj’s”TV-A 2″

Without any prejudgment for BashkimUlaj’s “TV-A 2” media and with respect to the colleagues working on this new television, we are talking about a moral scandal by Prime Minister Rama, with which he tries to “save his bacon” from the financial scandal of 2 tenders worth €30 million, given to the top cocaine trafficker, BashkimUlaj, an investigation being led by the US.
Ever since the scandal broke, Prime Minister Rama, immersed “from head to foot” in the political, individual and governing “scum”, although the US investigation has proved that he is the screenwriter of this financial crime, he still continues to deny his connectionwith the scandal of the ghost company “D.H Albania” and to the oligarch Ulaj.
Initially, Rama denied the scandal, by considering the tenders “completely correct and legal” but after 24 hours he publicly admitted that there were forgeries and according to him, this was “the responsibility of the owners of the private company” D.H Albania “.
After 48 hours, to justify the crime, which was ordered by Gjiknuri, and the two directors Qendro and Gradeci, he publicly accused the US institutions of “being gullible” to the forgery committed byAvdiolDobi, a callow.
After the pressure and public exposé in “VOA” as well as the ” official advice” given by the US, Edi Rama “laid the blame at Gjiknuri’s door”, while he laid it to the2 Directors’ door, Qendro and Gradeci, but the three of them, were dismissed by Rama so that he could save his bacon.
Even today, while the United States is finishing its investigation, and Gjiknuri and the 2 DirectorsQendro-Gadeci confessed to the prosecution, the deal made by Prime Minister’s order in favor of BashkimUlaj, “surprisingly,” Edi Rama still states that he does not know the oligarch BashkimUlaj and has no connection to him whatsoever.
However, there are some facts that prove whether Edi Rama is connected
“hand in glove” with financial and economic criminal deals, made with the top regional cocaine trafficker BashkimUlaj, not only by giving concessions worth millions of euros but even by publicly promoting him, by paying official visits and conducting ceremonies.
Prime Minister Edi Rama pretends he has no connection with BashkimUlaj, but he actually said many times in the parliament: – “The Democratic Party must shut its mouth, because I am working with its oligarch, BashkimUlaj “.
Prime Minister Edi Rama pretends he does not know and has no connection with BashkimUlaj, while only 3 months ago, he gave him the €224million concession, with no procurement procedure, for the Thumana-Kashar road.
The Prime Minister, pretends he does not know and has no connection with BashkimUlaj, but only 2 days after the “D.H Albania (Gener 2) was announced as the winnerof the tender worth €20 million at the New Ring Road and, only 3 days after the tender disclosure worth€10 million to the Transmission System Operator, Edi Rama inaugurated BashkimUlaj’s”A-2” through an official and media ceremony, by considering it: “The new voice of free and professional media created by fair investments “.
(After the scandal with the “D.H Albania”, of the oligarch Ulaj, “the valiant” Edi Rama removed the video and photos from the official website of the prime minister’s office) .