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McCaskill under fire for Beverly with Obama



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Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the comedian wins Ukrainian presidency in landslide: exit poll




Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the comedian wins Ukrainian presidency in landslide: exit poll

KIEV — Volodymyr Zelenskiy, a comedian and political novice, scored a crushing victory over incumbent Petro Poroshenko in Ukraine’s runoff presidential vote Sunday, according to exit polls, in a resounding rebuke to the country’s political establishment.

The national exit poll, which consisted of results from a number of polling agencies, showed Zelenskiy winning 73.2 percent of the vote compared to Poroshenko’s 25.3 percent — a margin of victory of nearly 48 percentage points.

Zelenskiy’s TV character, Vasily Goloborodko, is a modest high school teacher unexpectedly catapulted into the presidency overnight to confront the crooked political establishment and fight corruption.

Poroshenko, a billionaire candy tycoon and one of Ukraine’s richest men, was himself elected five years ago on a wave of anti-establishment sentiment, following a revolution that drove the country’s pro-Moscow leader, Viktor Yanukovych, from power.

The outgoing president can point to a number of big wins during his time in office, such as containing the Kremlin-led insurrection in the country’s east, acquiring visa-free travel for Ukrainians to the EU and staving off economic collapse. But for many voters, Poroshenko has come to symbolize oligarchs’ continued grip on Ukraine’s economy and government.

Links to oligarch

Election day was fairly uneventful — a stark contrast to the campaign itself, which was marked by accusations of foul play, insults and heated rhetoric.

A debate between the two candidates Friday in Kiev’s central football stadium, for example, resembled more a sporting contest than a political discussion, with more than 20,000 cheering supporters in attendance and millions more watching on television.

On Sunday, Zelenskiy was greeted by a crush of journalists when he arrived at his polling station, and said little more than that the election was “a victory for the Ukrainian people.”

Poroshenko, for his part, cast his ballot in central Kiev around midday and warned against taking the election lightly.

“It is very important to be guided by reason during the vote,” he said. “Because it’s not funny. At first maybe it seems funny and fun, but it should not be painful later.”

During the campaign, Poroshenko said Zelenskiy was too weak and inexperienced to stand up to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and called him a “bright candy wrapper” — an attractive, insubstantial covering that concealed the vested interests of other oligarchs.

In particular, he accused Zelenskiy of being a “puppet” of Ihor Kolomoisky, a Ukrainian billionaire currently residing in self-imposed exile in Israel, who is accused by Ukrainian authorities of embezzling more than $5 billion from account-holders at his former bank, PrivatBank. 

Kolomoisky denies the charges, and the two men say they don’t share any connection beyond the fact that Zelenskiy’s show airs on Kolomoisky’s television network.

But the two men do share the same lawyer and bodyguards. A Ukrainian investigative program also published travel records showing Zelenskiy had flown more than a dozen times to Geneva and Tel Aviv, where Kolomoiskiy lives.

Zelenskiy is widely expected to maintain Ukraine’s generally pro-Western orientation in foreign policy but the question marks about his links to Kolomoiskiy, and his commitment to break with oligarch power, are likely to linger.

“I am not that concerned by Russia’s influence — the risk from Kolomoisky is larger,” said Timothy Ash, a Ukraine expert and London-based economist with BlueBay Asset Management. “No Ukrainian politician can be pro-Russian and stay in office or win office.”

Still, Anders Aslund from the U.S.-based think tank the Atlantic Council said that because “everybody will keep their eyes on anything that looks like Kolomoisky influence,” it would be Zelenskiy’s “political death” if he offered Kolomoisky anything.

Political enigma

But making any predictions about what kind of president Zelenskiy will be is extremely difficult, simply for the fact that the comedian spoke in vague generalities and avoided any grilling from the press during his campaign.

Some Ukraine-watchers point to the fact that he has included a number of well-known reformers among his advisers as proof that he will pursue a reformist path.

But this is offset by his complete lack of experience with Ukrainian politics and politicians. Zelenskiy will be dependent on all of those who gain his ear — and there are indications that the jockeying for influence has already begun.

“It is very difficult to speak with certainty about anything,” said Alyona Getmanchuk, director of the Kiev-based think tank New Europe Center. “He has said he will continue policies with the International Monetary Fund and European Union — but how he will implement this is unknown.”

Zelenskiy, whose inauguration will take place at the beginning of June, will also have to contend with Poroshenko’s allies both in government and parliament, unless he can win a working majority in a parliamentary election later this year

As president, he will be able to make a few key appointments, such as foreign minister, defense minister, head of the state security agency and prosecutor general.

In a speech following the exit poll results, Poroshenko said he would support the newly-elected commander-in-chief, but also would oppose any policies not in the national interest.

“I am leaving office, but I want to firmly underline that I am not leaving politics,” Poroshenko said.

But the most important group that Zelenskiy must contend with are the millions of Ukrainians who voted for him. A victory of this magnitude creates equally high expectations.

Many are expecting him to fully carry out so-called “de-oligarchization” — a goal that has eluded every Ukrainian leader before him.

“I voted for Zelenskiy because I believe that he will be able to defeat corruption in the country,” said Elena Kalynyna, 33, an information technologies worker in Kiev.

“If he does like he’s promised, to completely change the entire power structure, then that should do the trick.”

Other exit polls gave similar results. First official results are expected to be released early Monday morning.

Zelenskiy’s triumph was fueled by a wave of anti-establishment sentiment, similar to other populist insurgencies sweeping across the West.

But the comedian, who has promised to clean house among Ukraine’s ruling elite, will likely find fulfilling his supporters’ high expectations difficult — not the least due to his dearth of political knowledge: His only brush with Ukrainian politics has been to play the president in a popular television show called “Servant of the People.”

“I promise all of you, I will never let you down,” Zelenskiy told a jubilant crowd of supporters at his campaign headquarters upon hearing the exit poll results.

Zelenskiy thrashed Poroshenko in the first round of the election at the end of last month, setting the stage for Sunday’s runoff.

His meteoric political rise is largely due to being a new face in the political arena of a country where voters have grown tired with establishment politicians, and feel frustrated about issues such as corruption, the country’s unresolved war and a sluggish economy. /

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Rama against US on VOA’s allegations. Caught red-handed, he chooses Dako in front of our great ally.




Rama against US on VOA's allegations. Caught red-handed, he chooses Dako in front of our great ally.

The Prime Minister has followed the same way of his political opponents, Berisha, Meta, Basha and Kryemadhi, who long ago stated that the US embassy is not the US government. This is how Rama stated too, by emphasizing that “Voice of America” does not represent the United States. He completed the anti-American framework when he said he was convinced that the Mayor of Durrës, VangjushDakocould run another 500 times.

Edi Rama has decided to respond again to the allegations coming from the US through “Voice of America” on corruption and abuse of the power of public administration.

The Prime Minister has followed the same way of his political opponents, Berisha, Meta, Basha and Kryemadhi, who long ago stated that the US embassy is not the US government.

This is how Edi Rama stated when he was invited the “Real Story” show, where he emphasized that the “Voice of America” does not represent the US.

And he completed the anti-American framework when he said he was convinced that the Mayor of Durrës, VangjushDakocould run another 500 times, if the proof for his ties to ‘Avdylaj’ group is the telephone conversations.

“Voice of America” does not represent America. Voice of America was based on reports compiled by other journalists. Whoever did it, I don’t mind.

There are no facts, just telephone chats. These kinds of chats could make a mess of all of Albania. You cannot lay charges on someone based on phone reports.

 “Please do say that to me because I have no tendency to say if there is one person or the other. If this is the case, Dako can run another 500 times,” Rama said.

This way, “caught red-handed” with abuses and forgery through his oligarch BashkimUlaj, accused of all these wrongdoings by the US, Rama chooses to imitate his political opponents, who are opposed to our international partners./Pamfleti

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A depraved state, criminalized justice, rotten society andgullible people, who feel untroubled by these “dregs”




A depraved state, criminalized justice, rotten society andgullible people, who feel untroubled by these “dregs”

A proven reality, from the peoples in countries where Albanians are going: A people who does not rise up, a people who is pressed, a society that is unable to speak, that is maltreated, a power-crime that does not stop and rules with brutality.

After the horror we saw, with the perverted act of the chief policeman from Shkodra, we received over 1000 messages, all of them almost saying the very same thing: – “We cannot live anymoreinsuch a country immersed in crime, with such a corrupt justice, depraved politics, rotten societythat feels untroubled by these “dregs” of the system.

This is why the Albanians, faced with the barbaric rule of politics and failing to unite and rise up against this ruling viciousness, are leaving the country for the pursuit of a peaceful, free and economicallysafe life for their children’s future.

While the people is suffering as in the Middle Ages, the governmental clique untroubled by the gullible people, enjoys all the luxury and privileges they getfrom the power, and it is even ready to threaten, oppress and kill anyone if that power is endangered, while the opposition and those who go after them, cry and fight with each other, because they want to regain these privileges, which they have enjoyed 2-3 times each, while in power.

  • A police officer, who protects the community in the area, becomes a psycho-violent sexual predator to a 15-year-old who he forces and seduces to have orgy with.
  • A mayor publicly declares that he takes his votes by paying and being connected with the criminal gangs, by consideringthisa legal action, recommended by the party and the prime minister.
  • A chief prosecutor appears to bean interlocutors and assistant of drug trafficking gangs, while the new justice institution confirms her in duty, because the gangs are connected with the state.
  • A politician who stole the state gold becomes a prime minister and many times a minister, chairman of the Assembly and now the President of the Republic, despite being caught stealing through videotaping, who has hidden international criminals with power mandates and who has been involved in over 40 corrupt affairs.
  • A chairwoman of a party whose husband is the President of the Republic, throws her boots to the parliament, recruits minor “soldiers” to her party, yells, curses, and threatens the minister of justice, because she handcuffed her former officials who had been immersed into a deep corruption of billions of money.
  • A wife whose husband is a tax and gambling thief is appointed as the minister of justice to command the new reform.
  • The prime minister continues to be prime minister, even though he is involved in 2 tenders worth € 30 million carried out through forged documents, along with a cocaine trafficker, with criminal records in Montenegro.
  • A politician, whose brother is in prison for drug trafficking, continues to be a deputy and then becomes the Minister of the Interior and the Chairman of the Law Commission.
  • A lady with 4 state control acts for stealing the € 80 million in “Albcontrol”, instead of being thrown out of public administration and being brought to justice, is appointed as the Minister of the National Strategic Economic and Infrastructure Sectors.
  • The director of the Albanian Power Corporation, under investigation for the € 40 million theft of electricity and power trafficking with the Serbian mafia and prime ministerial family, is appointed director general in the food safety sector
  • The opposition leader, being a minister for 3 times, with three criminal files for the theft of € 230 million due to selling of national lands and being responsible for the murders of four protesters in the boulevard, continues to be part of the politics.
  • A former president and the former prime minister with numerous corruption and crime deeds that destroyed the country in 1997, by killing 26 people in his family business of ammunition disassembly, is still free out there.
  • The chief prosecutor launders ALL 1 million with the mafia of land, is declared innocent by his colleagues, is allowed to send his family in Germanyand shows off in the middle of Tirana, looking for a compensation to return to his work.
  • The Governor of the Bank, who destroyed the national finances, who stole USD 7.3 million from the state treasury, was handcuffed, then released, was given an apology, and was givenALL 500 million as a compensation for “violation of reputation and psychological stress” and finally, is appointed to be an advisor to a Central Bank of the Region.
  • The prime minister signs permissions for tower construction, concessions, HPPs, land, and public or private object sales, in violation of the law,by stealingfrom the state and citizens.
  • The Bank of Albania works with the money laundering mafia, making financial operations with foreign currency, with interest rates and exchange rates in the market, bringing thus the destruction of fair businesses.
  • The national finances are commanded by the prime minister’s wife and the wife of the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Economy and Finance through their offshore banks and businesses, creating thus a criminal state system of money laundering for trafficking.
  • The ministers have turned their offices into bedrooms, pleasure and orgy suites, have given away job positions to the businesses of their lovers, families, friends, thefts, where they only steal.
  • The chief police officers have become bandits in their areas where they show off, by threatening and stealing the businesses, by ignoring the citizens, eating and drinking with the crime, protecting them as partners in trafficking, or paying them for any support.
  • We are a people whosees and stays silent, who is oppressed and obeys, who accepts and is pleased with only those few rights, with only that little food, with those who are our leaders, accustomed and happy with the eternal “dregs”, which comprise our political gangs./Pamfleti

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